What tests do I need to take? Educator certification requirements vary from state to state. NES tests are taken by individuals pursuing certification as entry-level teachers. Please contact the state agency responsible for educator certification in your state for more information.

Information about each test. Get specific information about a test, including when and where you can take the test, and access preparation materials by selecting the test from the following table.

Test CodeEssential Academic Skills
001Subtest I: Reading
005Subtest I: Reading (First Test Admin 10/31/22)
002Subtest II: Writing
006Subtest II: Writing (First Test Admin 10/31/22)
003Subtest III: Mathematics
007Subtest III: Mathematics (First Test Admin 10/31/22)
004Subtest IV: Technology Literacy
Test CodeProfessional Knowledge
051Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Elementary
052Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Secondary
Test CodeElementary Assessments
101Early Childhood Education
106Early Childhood Education (Birth–Prekindergarten)
107Early Childhood Education (Age 3–Age 8)
108Early Childhood Education Subtest I (First Test Admin 10/31/22)
109Early Childhood Education Subtest II (First Test Admin 10/31/22)
102Elementary Education Subtest I
103Elementary Education Subtest II
104Essential Components of Elementary Reading Instruction
Test CodeMiddle Grades Assessments
201Middle Grades English Language Arts
206Middle Grades English Language Arts (First Test Admin 4/17/23)
204Middle Grades General Science
205Middle Grades General Science (First Test Admin 10/31/22)
203Middle Grades Mathematics
202Middle Grades Social Science
Test CodeSecondary Assessments
316Biology (First Test Admin 4/17/23)
309Business Education
307Earth and Space Science
301English Language Arts
310Family and Consumer Sciences
317Family and Consumer Sciences (First Test Admin 4/17/23)
311General Science
105Mathematics (Middle Grades and Early Secondary)
303Social Science
Test CodeK–12 Assessments
514Bilingual Education I
515Bilingual Education II
603Blind/Low Vision (First Test Admin 10/30/23)
404Chinese (Mandarin)
315Computer Science
511English Learners I
512English Learners II
507English to Speakers of Other Languages
312Gifted Education
509Health (First Test Admin 10/31/22)
506Physical Education
501School Counselor
510School Counselor (First Test Admin 4/17/23)
502School Library Media Specialist
508School Library Media Specialist (First Test Admin 10/31/22)
601Special Education
602Special Education (First Test Admin 4/17/23)

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