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National Evaluation Series

Test Centers

Pearson delivers millions of high-stakes tests each year through its global network of test centers in 180 countries. And all using state-of-the-art technology. The NES teacher certification tests are delivered through Pearson's worldwide network of computer-based test (CBT) centers.

Many of Pearson's CBT centers are 100% dedicated to testing and have been awarded a patent for their unique security design, which features biometric verification of test takers.

Pearson CBT centers are located throughout the United States, its territories, and worldwide, offering test takers a comfortable, convenient testing experience while ensuring the highest levels of service, security, and consistency.

Pearson Professional Centers Tour Link opens in a new window
Preview a visit to a Pearson Professional Center, including a view of the typical test room and other test center areas.

Computer-Based Testing Tutorial Link opens in a new window
If you're unfamiliar with computer-based testing, this tutorial provides you with an opportunity to learn how to navigate through a demonstration test at a Pearson CBT center.

Locate a Test Center Link opens in a new window
Locate the Pearson CBT centers near you using this interactive service.