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National Evaluation Series

Information Content

The following materials are prohibited at the test site:

  • Smoking and the use of all tobacco products
  • Visitors, including relatives, children, and friends
  • Weapons of any kind

Additionally, any personal items that you bring to the test site must be stored in a locker outside of the testing room during the test. This includes jewelry, watches, wallets, and purses in addition to the following items, which are considered to be prohibited aids:

  • Cell phones
  • Electronic communication devices, visual or audio recording or listening devices, or any device with an on/off option, including, but not limited to, MP3 players, PDAs, tablets, computers, CD players, removable storage devices, calculator watches, clocks or watches with alarms, spellcheckers, etc.
  • Eyeglasses with communication and recording devices; note that during the check-in process you may be asked to remove any pair of eyeglasses for a visual inspection, but the test center proctor will not touch or otherwise handle your glasses
  • Calculators and calculator manuals (on-screen calculators are automatically provided for tests that allow them)
  • Handwritten or printed materials, such as dictionaries, notebooks, scratch paper, textbooks, etc.
  • Packages and bags of any kind, such as backpacks, briefcases, etc.
  • Hats or headwear, except for those being worn for religious or medical purposes
  • Food and drink, including chewing gum
  • Unauthorized aids, such as slide rules, rulers, translation aids, highlighters, etc.
  • Unauthorized medical devices, such as Epinephrine injections, etc., unless prior approval has been obtained

Violation of test site rules, including the possession or use of prohibited materials during a test administration, may result in the voiding of your scores.